An eight-year-old charred to death in Koppal, two children suffer injuries


Koppal: An eight-year-old boy died after his house caught fire due to a short circuit, according to police. On Tuesday late at night, this tragedy occurred at Komalapur, Kuknur taluk, Koppal district.

Locals said Hanumappa Abbigeri was running a Kirana store out of his house from few years and a fire broke out due to a short circuit on Tuesday night, engulfing the entire store and the house.

Hanumappa Abbigeri rescued Shankar Raju, eight years old, and Vinodraj, eleven years old, but he was unable to save Jayaraj. According to witnesses, as he tried to get inside to save the child, the entire house caught fire, and he was unable to save him due to flames and smoke.

Firefighters arrived to the scene and extinguished the flames. EO Ramanna Doddamani and police officers went to the spot. In the incident, two boys suffered injuries.

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