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October 2023

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All Aboard Perish: Plane Crash Devastates Tourists in Barcelos, Brazil

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In a tragic incident in the Brazilian Amazon, a plane crashed while attempting to land in stormy weather in the tourist town of Barcelos, resulting in the loss of all 14 lives on board.

The small aircraft, piloted by the approaching town amidst heavy rain and low visibility, appeared to initiate its landing midway along the runway, as per Vinicius Almeida, the Amazonas state security secretary.

The plane tragically ran out of landing strip and crashed, claiming the lives of 12 passengers and two crew members. Initial investigations suggest that all passengers were Brazilian men heading to the region for sport fishing, according to a statement from the state government.

Governor Wilson Lima expressed his condolences, stating, “Our teams have been on the ground responding since the moment of the crash to provide the necessary support.”

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The aircraft, identified as an EMB-110, a twin-engine turboprop manufactured by Embraer, was en route from the state capital, Manaus, to Barcelos, a flight of approximately 90 minutes. Unfavorable weather conditions forced two other aircraft approaching Barcelos at the same time to return to Manaus.

The Brazilian air force and police will conduct an investigation into the crash. Initial reports had suggested the presence of U.S. nationals on board, but Amazonas officials indicated that preliminary findings indicate all the victims were Brazilian.

The bodies of the victims will be transported to the state capital for identification. Due to restrictions, take-offs and landings during nighttime are not permitted in the region, delaying immediate action. An air force aircraft will depart from Manaus early the following day with investigators and emergency personnel to facilitate the process.

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