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After the ease of lockdown, traffic congestion return.

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Hubballi: The city known as Chota Mumbai for its business and trade is becoming infamous for its traffic jams, which have almost become synonymous with the city. With the lifting of the lockdown restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the city, along with its notorious traffic jams, is returning to normalcy.

It has been almost a week motorists finding it difficult to easily navigate, since the infrastructure has been damaged, and many roads are being dug up to be resurfaced. Motorists find it difficult to navigate the city. As a result of traffic congestion, commuters face numerous challenges. This is especially true in the central business district.


Struggling to get to a destination from their current location has become a curse for the people. “It takes nearly half an hour to cover a few metres in the city; the worst is happening now after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted. According to a resident, the cause of the traffic jam is a lack of infrastructure and the fact that roads were being repaired everywhere and that has compounded the issue,” said Krishna Balaji a resident of Sadarsofa.

Forget about car drivers; even bikers are facing difficulty moving around the city due to the rush and congestion caused by narrow roads and an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, said another resident.

Nivedita K, a Mayur Nagar resident who went to Durgad Bail to buy something for her stall, said she took four routes to get there because all of the nearby roads were closed.

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