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After hearing the news of Naveen’s death, we changed our plans to leave Ukraine: Chaitra Saunshi

Hubballi: Chaitra Saunshi, a medical student who returned from war-torn Ukraine, said that she and other friends had planned to cross the border of Ukraine, but Naveen Gyangoudar’s death in a shelling incident in Kharkiv made them change their plans.

She spoke to media people after landing at Hubballi airport here on Sunday. Recalling the incidents she suffered in Ukraine, she said they felt lucky if they got food, even if it was at one time in the day. In the early days of the war, they found it difficult to get drinking water.

“Me and other students of the medical universities where we were studying decided to cross the border on our own, but Naveen’s incident made us change our plans. With the effort of the embassy, I reached Romania. From there, I reached New Delhi and from there to Bengaluru, and finally reached Hubballi, “she said.

She said compared to other countries, Indians are being rescued in large numbers. Regarding Ukrainians keeping Indians as hostages, the student said no one kept us in hostile situations, at least we did not come across any such situation.

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