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After a cinematic-style chase, a small girl kidnapped by a neighbour rescued.

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Hubballi: This encounter was nothing short of a thriller, and it kept officers from two different stations on edge. They could only breathe a sigh of relief after rescuing the kidnapped child and arresting the accused.

Shabnam Gadagkar, 20, of Hubballi’s Ramalingeshwar Nagar, reportedly escaped with a six-year-old daughter from her neighbour, Aslam Ballari.

She took the kid and left, claiming she was going outside and would return in a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Aslam did not think anything unusual because she was a neighbour and a distant relative, but the girl’s parents became concerned when Shabnam did not return even after nightfall.

The concerned parents went to the Gokul Road police station and recounted the entire incident. Sensing the risk to the child, Gokul Police Inspector JM Kalimirchi and his colleagues leapt into action and quickly informed their superiors about this, including Commissioner of Police Labhu Ram.

According to Kalimirchi, during the inquiry, it was found that the accused was divorced and having an affair with a man who lives in Mandya city. “We learned that she had gone to Bengaluru to see her boyfriend, so we phoned her lover in Mandya, who was preparing to meet her in Bengaluru, and informed him that she had eloped with a little child and urged him to help the police in apprehending the accused. He’d be in big trouble if he didn’t do it. He agreed to work with the police, “the inspector said.

“We inquired as to where they intended to meet. We ordered him to contact her and urge her to come to the Majestic Bus Stand platform number 6. He phoned her as a result, and she agreed to meet him at the place he specified, “Kalimirchi said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Labhu Ram was briefed by Kalimirchi and his staff. He urged them to seek assistance from Upparpete police, and the COP himself immediately called Chikkapete ACP and requested assistance from Upparpete police, under whose jurisdiction the lady would arrive in a few hours. The idea was to apprehend the lady while she was waiting for her beau. As a result, the Upparpete police were requested to assist with the case.

Labhu Ram was receiving constant information about this, and the Gokul Road police were receiving constant updates on her location via her lover.

Meanwhile, the Gokul Road police passed over pictures of the accused and the child to the Upparpete police. According to the inspector, the police apprehended the offender and rescued the child after a thorough search of that platform.

What was the reason for the lady’s elopement with the child? What was the motivation behind this? It is unknown, according to the police. The police noted that the lady had not received any calls other than from her lover, which made them feel extremely odd.

Inspector Kalimirchi expressed gratitude to Police Commissioner Labhu Ram for his guidance, as well as to DCPs K Ramarajan, RB Basaragi, and ACP Vinod Muktedar for their help and support in apprehending the accused.

The police team that worked on the case included PSI VM Almatti, ASIs JC Rajput, MH Mooganur, and police personnel BF Belagavi, MF Purgoji, Mahesh Bennur, MM Hiremath, and Nagbhushan Pujar.

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