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A road near Ramesh Bhavan on the verge of collapse, after it develop a hole and cracks.

Hubli Express News

Hubballi: A big hole appeared on the main road near Ramesh Bhavan in the Keshwapur area on Saturday morning. Following the hole’s appearance, the road developed cracks and the road may cave in if not repaired immediately, said residents of that area.

The video and photos of the road doing the rounds on social media platforms showed that the residents kept bricks and stones surrounding the hole to avoid untoward incidents.

The Vidyanagar Block Congress president, Rajat Ullagaddimath, demanded the authorities immediately repair the road. Looking at the way the road developed holes and cracks, it is evident that the local administration was building poor-quality roads in the city by spending a huge amount on them. The road leads to Union Minister Pralhad Joshi’s house and it is not far away from former chief minister Jagadish Shettar’s house too, imagine the authority building such a poor quality road in the area where VIPs live, then public imagine the quality of other roads too.

SC Bevur, Zonal Assistant Commissioner, said that an engineer along with a team was sent to the site. The road would be repaired immediately. He said on that stretch, the UGD line is below 20 feet and because of the movement of heavy vehicles, the incident could have happened while maintaining that the road quality was good.

Bevur said that the road was collapsed and he asked the concerned to place barricades to restrict the movement of motorists and the public.

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