A protesting worker climbs up a mobile tower in Dharwad

Screen grab of the video

Dharwad: On Friday, a former water board contractor climbed up a mobile tower near Jubilee Circle, holding a placard demanding reappointment to the job or euthanasia.

The protest by Hubballi Dharwad water board contract employees demanding their re-appointment to the water board job is getting more intense day by day. An employee protested by climbing up a mobile tower and demanding that his arrears be released and he be reinstated to his post.

Mallikarjun Talwar, the employee and a native of Ugaragola village in Savadatti Taluk of Belagavi district, climbed up the tower and protested. As he staged a dharna on top of the mobile tower, other employees also stood at Jubilee Circle and protested against the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation.

The fire and emergency department team managed to climb up the tower and bring him down after persuading him. Mallikarjun, who was completely exhausted, demanded that their arrears be released, and they were put to work immediately. The police then allowed him to drink water and recover. The Police, whether they registered a case against him or not, it is not immediately known.

Video: Dharwad: Man Climbs a Mobile Tower, Rescued After Hours of Persuasion


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