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A noble gesture from Rajat Ullagaddimath

Hubballi: Rajat Ullagaddimath, the president of the Vidyanagar Block Congress, who is celebrating his 30th birthday in a unique way as “Rajat Sambrama,” has won the hearts of twin city people with his humanitarian gesture on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that transgender people are a part of our society, we are still hesitant to embrace and consider them among us. Transgender people’s socioeconomic status has remained poor due to social rejection.

Rajat Ullagaddimath, a young Congress activist, organised a completely free, comprehensive health check-up for these people on Wednesday. He also offered them legal advice from experts. He also conducted a camp to enrol them in social programmes designed just for them.

Rajat stated that this community suffered greatly during the COVID lockdowns and that the government did not provide adequate assistance throughout the pandemic. I’ve been planning to help them for a long time. This is the community that is living not so good life as a result of society’s unacceptance. So we enrolled them in social programmes designed specifically for them. The majority of them were unaware of the legal provisions they got, and we educated them on them. Finally, following the Arsina and Kumkuma session, we presented a small gift to them,” he stated.

Later Rajat, his well-wishers, supporters, and leaders had lunch with them. Which was a very rare sight. One of the participants said that they have not received such respect from any politicians, as they are gender minorities and have no significance in the polls, despite this Rajat Ullagaddimath showered lots of love with an intention to help us, the participant said.

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