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A Hubballi lab technician loses money.

Hubballi: Looking at the rising rate of cybercrime, it appears that doing anything online is not safe, at least looking at how people are being cheated.

Recently, a Hubballi-based lab technician was cheated by online fraudsters. The victim is a resident of Chetana Colony on Gokul Road, and she is working as a lab technician, the cybercrime police said.

The police said she received a call from an unknown person claiming that he was a Central Industrial Security Force officer and asked how much the lab would charge to do tests such as CBC, LFT, KFT, RBS, MS, Widal, Urine RM, and urine culture for 40 people. The lady informed him that it would be around Rs 90,000.

The man claimed that it would be difficult for him to give gate passes to all the staff, so he insisted that he would transfer part of the money to her immediately, and after testing all the staff, he would pay the remaining. The accused also shared the location of the city police commissioner’s office to claim that he was a genuine person.

The fraudster asked the victim to make a video call from another number, and during the video call, he asked her to open the payment app on her mobile and asked her to fill in the numbers of his (the fraudster’s) credit card, claiming that if she fills his creditcard number, the amount would be automatically debited from his account and credited to her account. She believed his words and did the same. Within seconds, she lost Rs 25,000.


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