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A case of “missing well” in Dharwad

Dharwad: Congress leader Nagaraj Gouri approached Sub Urban Police on Monday and gave an unusual complaint to them to find a “missing well” that existed some years ago in Maratha Colony.

The Congress leader met the police and said that there was a public well on CTS number 31/1 in Maratha Colony opposite to MLA Arvind Bellad’s house and people of the locality used to drink and utilise the water from the well, but it had gone missing and the locals had complained in this regard, but authorities had failed to take any action in this regard. He urged the police to immediately launch an investigation and locate the well. He warned that if the police failed to take any action, the party workers would launch an agitation.

Later, speaking to the reporters, Nagaraj Gouri in a veiled attack on MLA Bellad alleged that those who tried to become CM of the state was responsible for the closure of the well. ” A few locals informed us that the person nursing to become the CM, based on the suggestion of astrologers, has closed the well. Astrologers claimed that because of that well, his political career was not progressing and hence to make rapid strides in politics, he closed it, “Gouri said, quoting their versions.

He also attached a memorandum from RK Sanglikar, a resident of the area, who wrote a letter in the year 2003 requesting HDMC to allow them to use the water from the well as the water supply to their area had become erratic.

MLA Arvind Bellad said that he won’t react to his allegations. And refused to react further.

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