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September 2023

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16 Lives Snuffed Out in Fiery Crash on Pakistani Highway

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Lahore: A devastating road accident in Pakistan’s Punjab province has resulted in a heart-wrenching loss of 16 lives and left 15 others injured. The incident occurred today, shaking the region with its profound impact.

The ill-fated incident unfolded when a passenger bus, carrying approximately 40 individuals, collided with a pickup truck laden with diesel drums. The collision ignited a fierce blaze that engulfed the bus in flames. Tragically, among the victims were numerous women and children.

The bus had been en route from Karachi to Islamabad, a journey that took a tragic turn as it neared the Pindi-Bhattian Interchange on the Faisalabad Motorway. The accident transpired at 4 am, as the darkness of the early morning was pierced by the fiery collision.

District Police Officer (DPO) Fahad recounted the harrowing sequence of events, expressing the grim reality that unfolded. The injured survivors were promptly transported to medical facilities in Pindi Bhattian and Faisalabad Hospital, where medical personnel are working tirelessly to provide care.

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However, the gravity of the situation continues to escalate, with four of the injured currently listed in critical condition. This distressing situation suggests that the death toll may rise further, amplifying the already immense tragedy.

DPO Fahad acknowledged that 16 bodies have been retrieved from the scene of the accident. The process of identifying these victims will necessitate DNA testing, a somber reminder of the profound impact this incident has had on families and communities.


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