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Lukewarm response to the weekend curfew in Hubballi

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Hubballi: Though the state government imposed a weekend curfew in the state to curb the spread of the coronavirus by limiting the movement of the public, in Hubballi, exactly the opposite scenes emerged on Saturday.

We did not find a single road deserted on Saturday. When the police stopped them and asked why they were out during the weekend curfew, they made excuses. There was a good rush at the grocery stores, and people were seen standing in a queue to get rations at a PDS in Anand Nagar.

All the essential shops and roadside food vendors were also seen doing good business in the morning hours. But by afternoon, the scenario had changed. The shops that were doing well in the morning hours, and the customer flow had slowed by the afternoon, the shop owners closed their doors and went home.

Just like in previous lockdowns, people were seen roaming around claiming one or another reason. And police were also present on some major roads. NWKRTC city and suburban buses were seen plying, and the occupancy on a few routes was good because of the lack of service by auto-rickshaws.

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